Welcome Tolu!

Tolu Awojobi has joined St Mark's as Youth Pastor

It's brilliant that Tolu Awojobi has joined our staff team part time to be our Youth Pastor.  Tolu will be heading up our younger youth group (Xcelerate) on Friday nights from 29th Sept, Older Youth (meeting Monday evenings after half term) as well as our Sunday Pathfinders group.  Do contact him with any questions or if you'd like to join one of these exciting teams.

There is a real excitement among our young people as Tolu starts so please do welcome him in, support the ministry and invite him over for lunch!

Tolu writes:

" Hi! I’m Tolu, or Tee, whichever’s easiest! I’ve just finished reading Sociology & Media at Brunel University, and am so blessed to be the new Youth Pastor at St. Marks. God’s hand has been all over my life, and has given me a specific heart for the youth today. Being 21 and growing up with many different church experiences, our plight as young church kids and just young people in general is something I still face day to day, and God has given me many avenues, through music, art and films, to serve him through youth work. I’m so thankful for the opportunity at this lovely church and look forward to getting full involved in the community of Kensal Rise."


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