Praying for the NHS

A former member of St Mark's has written the message below asking people to pray. She is responsible for all the ventilator and critical care engineering as well as supporting the nightingale hospitals. She's working round the clock and this is what she's asked us to pray for:

Praying for the surge to calm down and for lockdown to be effective and for the increasingly stretched  frontline staff for their continued resilience and mental health. 

For compassion from the public towards our staff. They feel like the support has dwindled and tbh it’s so much  tougher than last surge. 

Pray that people start to understand that our nhs system is going into the most challenged week it will ever have been in. 

Pray that our doctors, nurses, scientist and medical engineers all of whom will be looking after our most vulnerable people on ventilators in critical care in London this weekend.

Pray that the rise ceases and we start to see a fall in numbers. 

Pray for the patients and their families, for the  hundreds and thousands who are seriously ill. 
Both at home and in hospital 

Pray for the tenacity the servant leadership that keeps us delivering 

Pray for us also 
- Running the biggest vaccine programme ever 
- Running the biggest testing programme ever know.... all  at the same time with pretty much the same staff.

Pray that our teams continue to remain inventive, and creative to find solutions as creating the art of the impossible ..  to save lives

Pray that those whos lives are lost don’t weigh as a heavy burden on the people who did everything they could to keep them alive. 

Because all we can do is our very best and that’s what my nhs colleagues bring  to work relentlessly every day the very best of them selves. 


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