The Flood of 2019!

The right kind of flood...

Yesterday one of our drains blocked outside the church and a flood of water flowed down the steps by the stage into the church hall.  We are so grateful that the marvellous Kelcey from YWAM who cleans for us turned up when she wasn't scheduled to be there and discovered it!  Thanks also to Glenn, Chris  and Caroline for assisting in the clean up operation!  Last time we had a flood like this back in 2016 we had to shut the hall for 6 months while the entire floor was replaced.  We pray that this isn't necessary this time and that the timely intervention of the above people saved the day!

It got me thinking though about Becky Lunt's picture of water filling the church from last Pentecost.  Thanks for that Becky!!  :)

But perhaps there's a spiritual truth in it - when the Spirit comes on God's church it can be a disruptive thing.  It messes with our plans and calls us into action in unexpected ways - and we're not always happy about it!  As we pray 'Come Holy Spirit' perhaps we need to be open to God disrupting our structures and the way we do things so that he can lead us to those he's calling us to in new ways.

Come Holy Spirit like a flood - the right kind of flood!


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