Refugee Focus

It's Refugee Week

This week is Refugee Week and it's a great time to remind ourselves of our commitment to refugees here at St Mark's.

Over the years there has been an emerging connection with refugees, both locally and globally, amongst the people of St Mark's.  Members of the church are involved in projects and organisations that provide housing for younger refugees, play football and provide support for them, and additionally provide educational support for refugee children trying to access the UK educational systems (through the Refugee Support Network based in Harlesden).  As well as this we host the Young Roots youth group for teenage refugees each week in the hall.

Our mission partnerships with There is Hope Malawi and The Children's Society also seek to engage the issues and transform the lives of refugees in Africa and here in the UK.

New Resources from the Children's Society

This week The Children's Society have released a set of new resources for churches who want to engage more with this issue, including some theological papers on the reasons why Christians in particular are called to act for refugees.

As part of this they have released a short film to highlight some of the challenges faced by young refugees arriving in the UK.  You can watch it here:

Sign the petition

This week in particular  The Children's Society is calling on us all to sign their petition requesting that  the Government makes provision for each child refugee to be given a dedicated Guardian who will have the legal status necessary to assist them as they navigate the (often obstructive and hostile) systems for accessing the support that they need.

Please take time to sign this here: https://www.childrenssociety.o... 

More about the Children's Society

You can find out more about the work of our mission partner The Children's Society here:


We support them through our collections in our annual Christingle service, as well as collection boxes that people have in their homes during the year.  They're a great way to remind ourselves and our families of the young refugees in our city through the year.  If you'd like to get one of these you can request one of these from Sue Bush.


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