St Mark's News - AUGUST

Thank you for a fantastic welcome to St Mark’s

Rachel and I are so pleased to be called to this family in Kensal and Harlesden! From hellos and well-wishings, to practical help at the vicarage, we have felt the love of God through your kindness! Thank you for your prayers: keep praying for us as we settle in and learn new rhythms.

On the evening when I was licensed and installed as Vicar, Bishop Lusa reminded us what our church is all about using the words "IN" and "AND". God calls us in our diversity and within our own stories, but unites us at the deepest possible level as people "IN" Christ. We share this incredible bond, a bond so strong and so unique that Paul can call us a ‘new humanity’ (Eph 2.15).

Bishop Lusa then went on to bless the church to be an "AND" church. He explained that we don’t forget the church’s past, but we all bring our diverse gifts as an ‘and’, adding richer depths to this amazing community. Since then, I have been reflecting about how St Mark’s can fulfill its calling to be united in Jesus and to be a prophetic and joyful community in Kensal Rise and Harlesden. You can watch the licensing service here: https://www.youtube.com/live/FFxetp4JY8A?feature=share

we think about how Rachel and I can add our own ‘and’ to the 'ands' of others at st Mark’s, it is important to recognise the many people who stepped up and took on more in the time of interregnum. Our fantastic churchwardens, Sue and Viv, have been ably assisted by a dedicated PCC. I have seen their care and diligence already. What a privilege to work with this group. We could not have done it without the amazing work of Kellie keeping everything going and inspiring our prayer-filled office, and Vanessa and Caroline who went above and beyond to look after the critical work among parents, children and teenagers.

Where do we go from here? What’s next? Well: It’s Summer time!

After an incredibly busy year, Sue, Viv, and I want to encourage you to enjoy the holidays and to regroup. This is a time of rest and prayer. To help this, we are doing a summer series in church called “Meeting God on the Mountain”. Through 7 Bible stories that take place on the Mountain, we want to look at what we learn about God and about prayer. We hope that when September comes around again, you will have had your own ‘Mountain-moments’ with God and you will come back down again refreshed and ready to live and share the love of Jesus. You can hear more about what this might look like each week on our YouTube channel. We are streaming our services again and the sermons are placed in a playlist and are very easy to find. I shared that sometimes we get tired out and might be praying for more energy, more fire, more miracles… yet God wants us to tune into the still small voice of his song over us. Last week Sue taught us that when the flood and storm is raging, God is faithful and ready to give us a new start: “when the floods rise, we are lifted closer to God”.

Wherever this summer takes you, or whether you are here at home, may God bless you richly and draw near to you. I look forward to hearing what He has to say!


What's Going On?

What's going on?

  • Sat 5th August 7pm: YWAM Worship and Word Night! I can’t wait to join our mission partners to go deeper in worship and prayer. It’s at the church, 7pm this Saturday! Expect art, intercession, worship and dance!

  • August Bank Holiday: YWAM Outreach to Carnival. If you would like to join the team reply to this email and we can let the team know 

  • ...Less than usual! It’s Summer!

Summer Missions 

We have been joined by a YWAM team from Argentina, and an Operation Mobilisation team from around the world (including Leeds and South Korea!). We have heard testimonies and been blessed by these groups. If you would like to be part of the YWAM teams ministry to the Notting Hill Carnival then please let me know and we can introduce you to the team.

Summer Prayer Points

Kensal & Harlesden:  Let us pray for our neighbourhood, that God's love and peace may prevail this holiday time. Some are away, may they have rest; some are staying local, may have opportunities to bless those we meet.


Healing and Comfort: Pray for all those in our congregation who are facing illness, grief, or hardship. Let us lift them up to the Lord, seeking His healing and comforting presence.


Political Leaders: It’s the summer recess for parliament, so let’s pray for our political leaders, both locally and internationally, that they may be guided by wisdom and compassion in their decisions, promoting justice, peace, and God’s will and way.


Refugees and Displaced Persons: Brent has one of the largest refugee communities in teh UK; we pray for those who are forced to flee their homes due to conflicts and persecution. 


Creation: It was the hottest July on record, and many people are suffering dangerous heat levels. Pray for God’s mercy on us and for comfort for the young and elderly in desperately hot conditions


Mission Partner Focus: This month we pray for New Growth Ministries, Zimbabwe. Mark and the team joined us for a fundraiser with the Harlesden Community Gospel Choir and shared the highlights of their year; please continue to pray for them during their fundraising trip to the UK, especially as they have been invited to expand their ministries to schools in Zimbabwe.


Let’s pray, trusting in the power of our Heavenly Father, that he is ready to hear and to act


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