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We're a local church family and the parish church for Kensal Rise and East Harlesden. We want to know and to show the depth of God's love because we believe that this love is transformational and it is for everybody!

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Dave, Sue, Vivienne and the PCC


歡迎來到英國,尤其是肯薩爾•格林的聖馬可教堂。 我們是位於倫敦西北部的當地教會,但會眾多元化,如果你最近從香港抵達,我們真的很想認識你。 如果你是基督徒,我們樂見你來和我們一起敬拜,但即使你不是基督徒,我們仍然很樂意見到你,如果你需要任何幫助以適應英國的生活,請聯繫我們協助。 最好的聯絡對像是在香港生活多年的 Tim 和 Katie Barringer,他們會說(但不懂閱讀!)粵語。 你可以通過發送電子郵件至 admin@stmkr.org 與他們聯繫。 我們期待見到你的訊息!

Welcome to the UK and particularly to St Mark's church in Kensal Rise.  We are a local London church in North West London but with a diverse congregation and we would really like to get to know you if you have recently arrived from Hong Kong.  If you are a Christian we would love you to come and worship with us but even if you are not a Christian we would still love to meet you and if you need any help adjusting to life in the UK then please do approach us for assistance.  The best people to speak to are Tim and Katie Barringer who lived in Hong Kong for many years and speak (but do not read!) Cantonese.  You can contact them by emailing admin@stmkr.org.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Registered charity no. 1132172


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