There is Hope Malawi

There is Hope Malawi works with refugees in the Dzaleka refugee camp north of Lilongwe. 

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Innocent and Florisa Magambe

Innocent and Florisa founded the charity over 10 years ago - Innocent having been born a refugee himself. Innocent spoke at the Refugee Focus event that St Mark's hosted in 2016 and There is Hope was adopted as a formal Mission Partner in 2017.
You can get Innocent's book and find out how to support them directly here.

Operation Mobilisation UK

OM works in every region of the world, their aim is to motivate and equip Christians to share God's love, and to strengthen and plant churches especially in areas where Christ is least known.

We have a couple of personal links with OM in the UK and adopted them as a mission partner in 2017.

YWAM London Urban Key

Based in Harlesden and Willesden YWAM London Urban Key have had a relationship with St Mark's for a number of years. We love working together in our shared mission to nurture each other as disciples and being the good news in the area.


Fusion is an organisation which exists to prepare and inspire students for a life of discipleship at University. It also seeks to connect students into the life of the local church whilst they are at University. We support Fusion particularly through the work of Pippa Elmes, an ex member of St Mark's.

Read Pippa's latest newsletter here :

IntoUniversity Brent

IntoUniversity is an award winning educational charity which provides local learning centres where students from disadvantaged backgrounds are inspired to achieve.
What can you do? Volunteer in one of the Academic Support sessions each week to support student's learning. Secondary: Mon & Thu, 3.45pm - 5.30pm; Primary: Tue & Wed, 3.45pm - 5.00pm
To find out more, contact: Sydney Wesley-Weeks.

Scargill Movment - Phil and Di Stone

Phil and Di Stone left St Marks and moved to Scargill to form a thriving, multinational Community from many different Christian denominations offering warmth, welcome and hospitality to all. Prayer, food and laughter seem to be the main hallmarks of their life together, with Jesus at the centre. Together they run a busy programme of events including quiet retreats, exuberant family holidays, teaching from some amazing visiting speakers and our own team, musical, creative and craft-based events, walking weeks, environmental and working holidays, house parties celebrating Easter and New Year and much more besides. In between our programmed events we host many church weekends, youth events and gatherings large and small, as well as individuals who make themselves at home with us for a few days.

Read their latest newsletter and programme here :

Operation Restoration - YWAM Bolivia

News direct from Santa Cruz!

Dear Sue,

I am writing this during my layover in Panama, having left Santa Cruz yesterday - by the time you receive it, I should be back home in New Malden!

There is so much news to report from my recent visit that I will keep it to bullet points below.  There is much to be grateful for and as always, much to pray for as well.

The stability of the children in the homes is better than ever, largely due to the ongoing efforts of our team; they have worked hundreds of extra hours to maintain consistency and support for everyone.
The boys are all doing well, with two, Joel and Daniel, due to graduate high school in December.
We have welcomed back two girls who were with us previously; both are now new mothers.  Please pray that their new circumstances will help them stay on track with us. 
Our university students continue to do well in a variety of disciplines.
We celebrated the 20th Anniversary of El Camino with a hog roast.
We were able to finally have our first in-person Annual Staff Lunch since 2020! 
We also held our first in-person full staff meeting in two years – it was a blessing for me to be able to share the vision, heart and passion of the ministry with the whole team, some of whom are relatively new to Operation Restoration. We’ve been so grateful for the way the team has held together through zoom meetings, what a difference to be back together!




I am still getting used to the reality that I don’t live in Santa Cruz full time anymore, and my visits have become precious. The chance to be with the young people, some of whom I have known for 10+ years, others who I met for the first time – their courage and commitment to pursue a new life based on a relationship with the Lord inspires me more than I can describe. I see the young adults involved in local church activities, working and studying hard – and I am reminded of how incredibly far they have come from their young lives living on the streets.

There were a lot of tears this visit as well. One of the girls who left us during the pandemic is now pregnant. Her story isn’t unique, but it’s heartbreaking – her mother died shortly after she was born, her father abandoned her, and she was prostituted by a family member from the age of 3. We actually know the father of her child as well – he spent time with us in El Camino several years ago.

We accept the reality that some of the girls will come to us or come back to us with babies – for many, the first place they encounter sexual violence is in their own homes, which is often why they end up living on the streets. They are broken, and they seek solace from equally-broken young men.


Ramiro, one of our leaders and psychologist, conducting an anti-violence seminar with the boys in El Camino.

It’s complicated at the moment in Bolivia; violence against women, feminicide, etc. are finally being addressed, and the courts are imposing severe penalties. One of the girls who has been with us for four years was either 12 or 13 when she got pregnant, and the father was recently sentenced to 25 years for rape of an underage girl.
If we open a formal complaint with the authorities about this latest pregnancy, the young man may end up spending the rest of his life in prison with little hope of redemption and healing.
So, we go slowly, and we pray. We pray for wisdom, strength, and the courage to do our best to love all of these young people as God has loved us. Saturday was Father’s Day in Bolivia – please pray for these young parents who are still children themselves.


Wonderful to spend time with this little one who came to us as a tiny baby. Her mother is a great mum and she will be graduating high school at the end of this year. (She is even sporting her own Operation Restoration t-shirt!)

Because of our strong reputation in Santa Cruz, there are children waiting to come into our homes, which obviously strains our limited resources. There are many ways to support Operation Restoration – if you’d like to sponsor a child, write to me at and I can make the arrangements. If you aren’t already one of our monthly supporters, please consider becoming one.
As always, we remain very grateful to our international community of support. We are a small ministry, but we are effective. And we are so because of your ongoing spiritual and financial commitment.Thank you!
In His Service,

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Project Stork

St Mark's supports a local women's refuge through collecting good quality baby clothes, toys and maternity clothes at Christmas, Mother's Day and at other times in the year.

What can you do? If you would like to be part of this project please contact Caroline Winterburn

We would love to bless these incredible women and to show them that they are loved & special by giving them a gift on Mothers Day. 
If you can donate something, please drop off in the church office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9.30am-2pm or on Sunday morning, this week or the following.
All gifts welcome except alcohol and candles. Also if you have any lovely gift bags, please do drop them off too! 
If you have any questions, please do contact us.

New Growth Ministries

New Growth Ministries (PVO 03/96) was started in 1992 and runs a home on a small farm outside Chinhoyi town, in Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe. The home cares for children from birth to adulthood

Click on the link to see a video from Ben who grew up at the home

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Schools - St Mark's is actively involved with many of our local schools but has particularly close links with Princess Frederica Church of England VA School


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