There is Hope Malawi

There is Hope Malawi works with refugees in the Dzaleka refugee camp north of Lilongwe. 

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Innocent and Florisa Magambe

Innocent and Florisa founded the charity over 10 years ago - Innocent having been born a refugee himself. Innocent spoke at the Refugee Focus event that St Mark's hosted in 2016 and There is Hope was adopted as a formal Mission Partner in 2017.
You can get Innocent's book and find out how to support them directly here.

Please pray for Innocent and Flo - this is their latest letter - things are very hard

"The LORD will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in his sight." (from Psalm 72)Friends,
last week was the hardest in a long time.

The Malawi government employed the army and police to arrest over 400 refugees living in Lilongwe starting in the early morning of Wednesday. Men, women and children were transported to Lilongwe's main prison where they slept on a cold and dirty floor for two days. Again in the middle of the night they were then transported by trucks to Dzaleka, and left there without any provision for shelter, let alone anything else. We have been providing meals in prison, sanitary products for women and babies. Innocent has given countless interviews to media outlets. We are recording all reports of police abuse (beating and large-scale theft) experienced by those who were being arrested, working on a particular severe case to identify the perpetrators. We are also looking for a way to stop the deportation of a few refugees whose asylum claim was denied, but are effectively stateless.

Our church in Lilongwe, the local Rotary club, the wealthiest international schools and many individuals have contributed to this emergency response.

We feel heartbroken and powerless however in the face of very hostile, very aggressive messaging from the government with promises to continue this operation nationwide until there be nobody left. Harsh words have been used against those calling for change, including the UN, the US Embassy and Human Rights bodies. You will find more details on our social media channels. For now please pray. God promises to rescue the oppressed. To deliver them. We do not see that now. Evil seems to have the upper hand. In Dzaleka there is no shelter, no food, no education, no future. All the facilities there have been overstretched and congested for years - bringing in more people will have tragic effects.

We need funding to be able to follow up, provide legal representation, continue to assist those in dire need - we ask you to donate if you can

Thank you,
Flo & Inno

Prayer Updates and New Requests: 

  • Balthazar, whose story we shared last month (hit by a grenade in December) died in hospital a few days after our newsletter. That too felt like a huge defeat. 

  • Florisa's health, the auto-immune condition (Hashimotos) and "frozen shoulder" which began around February, are all exacerbated by high levels of stress. An online consultation with a US-based specialist is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

  • Innocent's Trip to Canada, until mid June. The focus will be visiting The People's Church Toronto and International Association for Refugees - two partners in our work.

Operation Mobilisation UK

OM works in every region of the world, their aim is to motivate and equip Christians to share God's love, and to strengthen and plant churches especially in areas where Christ is least known.

We have a couple of personal links with OM in the UK and adopted them as a mission partner in 2017.

YWAM London Urban Key

Based in Harlesden and Willesden YWAM London Urban Key have had a relationship with St Mark's for a number of years. We love working together in our shared mission to nurture each other as disciples and being the good news in the area.


Fusion is an organisation which exists to prepare and inspire students for a life of discipleship at University. It also seeks to connect students into the life of the local church whilst they are at University. We support Fusion particularly through the work of Pippa Elmes, an ex member of St Mark's.

Read Pippa's latest newsletter here :


IntoUniversity Brent

IntoUniversity is an award winning educational charity which provides local learning centres where students from disadvantaged backgrounds are inspired to achieve.
What can you do? Volunteer in one of the Academic Support sessions each week to support student's learning. Secondary: Mon & Thu, 3.45pm - 5.30pm; Primary: Tue & Wed, 3.45pm - 5.00pm
To find out more, contact: Sydney Wesley-Weeks.

Scargill Movment - Phil and Di Stone

Phil and Di Stone left St Marks and moved to Scargill to form a thriving, multinational Community from many different Christian denominations offering warmth, welcome and hospitality to all. Prayer, food and laughter seem to be the main hallmarks of their life together, with Jesus at the centre. Together they run a busy programme of events including quiet retreats, exuberant family holidays, teaching from some amazing visiting speakers and our own team, musical, creative and craft-based events, walking weeks, environmental and working holidays, house parties celebrating Easter and New Year and much more besides. In between our programmed events we host many church weekends, youth events and gatherings large and small, as well as individuals who make themselves at home with us for a few days.

Read their latest newsletter and programme here

Operation Restoration - YWAM Bolivia

Causes to Celebrate and Reasons to Pray(plus upcoming events)
Dear St Marks,
Firstly, we celebrate and thank all who supported our intrepid London Marathon team as we surpassed our £10,000 target, raising a little over £11,000. THANK YOU!

Secondly, we celebrate 11 year old Lucas coming off the streets on 24th April and 14 year old Luana returning from the streets on 8th May after several months away.

Thirdly, our girl's home, El Alfarero, celebrated 19 years of bringing hope, healing and restoration to the lives of many girls on 4th May. 
Massive THANK YOU from all the team, children and young people of Operation Restoration!Lucas - came off the streets 24th April!Luana - returned 8th May.El Alfarero - 19th Anniversary 4th MayRaise the Bar - New Malden Baptist ChurchSaturday 13th May 3-5pm
Join us for an afternoon of the latest news, live links to Bolivia, question time, quiz and refreshments including typical Bolivian snacks on Saturday 13th May 3pm to 5pm at New Malden Baptist Church!

ALL welcome - See you there!(For more information write to or call 07775-789855)
Operation Restoration Week of Prayer 2023Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th MayNext week is a very important week to rededicate this ministry to God and to pray for the staff and all the young people in Santa Cruz that this ministry touches. Join us online if you can, add the ministry to any groups with whom you pray in person, and if you can, please mark your calendars to pray on your own each day.
Our Lord Jesus said, 'For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.'  

2023 will be another year of many challenges - political, financial and especially spiritual - so please, if you can, join us in prayer next week:

Sunday -  Give Thanks
Thank God for all that He has already done through this ministry and for His calling on our lives.

Monday - Trustees and Leadership 8:00-8:30pm via Zoom
Join us to pray for the leadership team in Bolivia, as well as the Trustees/Board in the UK and US.
Zoom link: Pray for our Leaders and TrusteesTuesday – The Nation of Bolivia
Pray for the Nation of Bolivia, particularly for political and economic stability and the education system. On Tuesdays many of Bolivian staff fast and pray. Why not join them?
Wednesday – Santa Cruz Staff Team  
Pray for unity for the staff teams in the homes and for the provision of more staff.  

Thursday -  Children in our Homes - Connect + Pray Extra 8-9 pm via Zoom
Join us to pray that the children in our homes would know the love of God, His healing of their past traumas and His equipping them for a restored and healthy life.
Zoom link: Pray for the children in our homesFriday –  Children on the Streets
Please pray for all of the children living on the streets in Bolivia.  

Saturday -  Future of the Ministry - Connect + Pray 5-6pm via Zoom
Join us to pray for God’s provision and leading for Operation Restoration in the years to come.
Zoom link: Connect + PrayIf you made it this far through this 'marathon' e-mail, we just want to say:THANK YOU!Looking forward to seeing you either in person or on Zoom next week!

Gratefully yours,

Roger & Isha

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The Trust supports the work of Christian ministry in the UK and Africa and particularly New Growth Ministries (Zimbabwe) and Keegan House the home for orphaned boys at Chinoyi. The work was led for many years by Mr Rob Mackenzie MBE. and Mrs. Hilary Mackenzie MBE.

The Trust board is now Mark Mackenzie, Ben Kasimukire, Noeleen Venter, Willard Dauti  and Dr Nura Isala. Ben and Nura both lived at Keegan House when they were growing up.

UK Trustees : Mr J Marshall(Chair), Dr Sarah Marshall, Mr L Marucchi-Chierro, Mr Callum Whitehall, Mrs Caroline Winterburn

God’s provision When Mark and Ben first took over the running of NGM in 2021, they didn’t know how they would be able to meet the needs of the boys at Keegan Home. We thank God for the progress that He has enabled, in establishing leadership, providing for the physical and mental health needs of the boys, improving access to hospitals and enabling their spiritual growth, mentored by Pastor Willard Dauti. They now love attending a local church. None of this would have been possible without your prayers and generous financial support. We thank God for all of you! Mark says: “We are forever grateful and are now looking to move from the phase of maintaining the boys’ wellbeing to growing their futures.” Read on…! Focusing on education Zimbabwe’s education system was once the best in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, it is now in crisis. Economic collapse, rampant inflation and corruption have all contributed to this. Teachers’ pay is worth about a fifth of its value compared to a few years ago. Children are required by law to attend school, and parents and carers have to pay fees, however the quality of education in state schools is poor and classes may have 50-60 pupils. We have 21 boys at Keegan Home ranging from 3 to 17 years. Mark recently visited the local state schools that the boys attend. He noted that facilities are dilapidated: with bare, earth-floored classrooms which cannot be secured, so the resources that remain are those which are broken or worthless. In March Callum Whitehall, one of our UK trustees, together with his wife Rebecca, a teacher, visited Keegan Home. One of the classrooms Rebecca carried out educational assessments. She found that the boys were keen to learn but were 4-5 years behind the attainment expected for their age in reading and writing and 2-3 years behind in their maths. Understanding English, in which all state teaching is carried out, is a significant hurdle. We are thus planning to set up afterschool teaching at Keegan Home, employing experienced teachers. We will need to raise at least £4060 annually for our primary school level children. We would love it if you wanted to get involved in any of our fundraising events, or alternatively do please feel free to set up your own! If you require any support or publicity materials, please do let us know, contact John Marshall (chair of NGM Trust UK) on We know the transformative power of education: having seen some of our boys study and take up professions. Aliyoni has become a lawyer, Bencent (Ben) an accountant and Nura a doctor. Ben and Nura are on the board of NGM in Zimbabwe. All of our boys deserve the chance to fulfil their potential whether academic or not. We are also excited to support one of our alumni, Blessed, who has recently started university, studying social work. We thank you for your continued support which transforms lives in Zimbabwe, and our Lord for His support of all of us The Trustees of New Growth Ministries Zimbabwe and NGMT (UK) If anyone would be interested in sponsoring and praying for Blessed in his studies, please contact us on Blessed all ready for university Rebecca and Callum also took out generous gifts from supporters of learning resources, a parachute and Christian children’s books by Eira Goldsworthy who is one of our supporters. Thanks to you all! Lots of fun playing with a parachute! Save the dates! Supporters’ prayer meeting It is so encouraging to meet with you all online at our prayer meetings. Our next Zoom call will be on: Tuesday 6 th June 7pm UK time, 8pm South African time. We will send out a Zoom link nearer the time. Mark and Ben will be giving updates from the ministry and it will be an opportunity to pray for the needs of the boys at Keegan House. Mark and Ben visit the UK Mark and Ben will be visiting the UK for a couple of weeks in July. Do please let us know if you would like them to visit your church! Our main event will be An Afternoon with NGM on Saturday 15th July at St Mark’s Church, Kensal Rise, Northwest London which is accessible by public transport. Mark and Ben will be speaking and we would love to see as many of you as possible there. More details to follow. For those of you who live near Sussex, do please join us for a fundraising Barn Dance on Friday 21st July at 7-10pm at Bishop Hannington Church Hove. We have an excellent caller and live ceilidh band and it promises to be great fun. Tickets are free, but it would be great if you would consider giving a donation. More information in due course. Please invite your friends! Mark and Ben will be speaking during the interval. Prayer Points Thank you for playing an essential part of the ministry by praying. Please pray for: • Thanksgiving for where the ministry is now – God’s provision and protection. • For the Lord to help us find the right teachers & funding for our after-school program. • For our boys’ futures to come alive through education. • For God’s continued provision for Keegan home which runs at a loss each month And finally…. As part of the assessment Rebecca asked the boys to write about Keegan house. One wrote: “I like to live in Keegan House because I have everything I want and our brothers Mark and Ben pay money at school and buying uniforms and clothes for us. …I am here because I need to be someone in future. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I want to thank you for everything that you did for us. Without you we mean nothing

Project Stork

St Mark's supports a local women's refuge through collecting good quality baby clothes, toys and maternity clothes at Christmas, Mother's Day and at other times in the year.

What can you do? If you would like to be part of this project please contact Caroline Winterburn

If you have any questions, please do contact us.

Schools - St Mark's is actively involved with many of our local schools but has particularly close links with Princess Frederica Church of England VA School


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