There is Hope Malawi

There is Hope Malawi works with refugees in the Dzaleka refugee camp north of Lilongwe. 

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Innocent and Florisa Magambe

Innocent and Florisa founded the charity over 10 years ago - Innocent having been born a refugee himself. Innocent spoke at the Refugee Focus event that St Mark's hosted in 2016 and There is Hope was adopted as a formal Mission Partner in 2017.
You can get Innocent's book and find out how to support them directly here.

Operation Mobilisation UK

OM works in every region of the world, their aim is to motivate and equip Christians to share God's love, and to strengthen and plant churches especially in areas where Christ is least known.

We have a couple of personal links with OM in the UK and adopted them as a mission partner in 2017.

YWAM London Urban Key

Based in Harlesden and Willesden YWAM London Urban Key have had a relationship with St Mark's for a number of years. We love working together in our shared mission to nurture each other as disciples and being the good news in the area.


Fusion is an organisation which exists to prepare and inspire students for a life of discipleship at University. It also seeks to connect students into the life of the local church whilst they are at University. We support Fusion particularly through the work of Pippa Elmes, an ex member of St Mark's.

Read Pippa's latest newsletter here :

A summer of fun and hard work!

Dear St Marks 

Its a joy to be sat here in our dining room, doors wide open to the garden, trying to decide how not to make this email too long! I am loving being back at work, getting my teeth stuck into projects and discerning, alongside colleagues, what the outworking of my revised Job Description and responsibilities will look like in the coming months and years.

I'm excited to share some of those updates with you but, as always, these emails are never enough to express the fullness of what's going on and I love to be in touch, so I've planned some catch up & prayer dates in the Autumn (see the bottom of the email). As always, it's great to be in touch more personally too, so let's get a coffee or chat in the diary if you'd like to hear more. 

If you're at Sixty One this summer let me know, it would be awesome to see you!


But first, some recent highlights

New Job Description

I have now fully joined Fusion's Senior Leadership Team (having started attending meetings in the last few months of maternity leave) and it is such a privilege to speak into and support Fusion's ongoing leadership and development. Please pray for wisdom as I seek to serve well in this. 

I have taken on responsibility for leading all our training (rather than just the Student Worker side of things), which also includes our core and bespoke training for churches, and working to help develop our team to deliver the best student mission training that we can. I have kept my additional focus of advocacy for student ministry nationally also. I still passionately believe God is calling us to have a voice in helping those called to student ministry to identify that calling, find pathways to step into it and thrive into maturity in it. Continuing to help shape and develop our Grad Dip in partnership with WTC and our new Programme Director, Ed, is a part of this.

Thank you to those who have encouraged me as I've stepped more officially into this leadership role, your belief in me has made such a difference in coming back confidently from maternity leave. 

You can see my annotated Job Description if you're interested in seeing more detail. I'd love any reflections you may have on it!

Fun summer projects

Training Review

I'm meeting with our Regional Teams to review all our training. I met with the North Team (in our dining room!) a few weeks ago and next is a day with the South team in Reading on Monday. I am learning so much from these conversations, not just about our training but about our team too. Pray for wisdom, insight and creativity!

Sixty One Experience Space

We are creating an immersive storytelling experience for the Sixty One festival which I'm lucky to have been given the creation of with my amazing colleague Mads. It's a whole different type of creative challenge and I'm loving it. It involves shed shopping! I'll share photos when it's up.

If you don't know what Sixty One is, check it out here - maybe even join us!

Partner time

I am inviting some new people to join my partner team over the summer (more below) & was with my home church, St Marks, in London, on Sunday which was wonderful. Please pray with me for them as they head into interregnum (their vicar is moving on & they start the process of appointing a new one).

Inviting new partners and reviews

One of the things that we are encouraged to do is to invite our partners to regularly review their partnership with us. Over the last few years I've had a number of partners review and decide to come off my prayer team and/or stop giving financially and whenever this happens its a really good sign of people being diligent in where they put their time, money and support. I've also had others join or increase their giving, or join my prayer team and be really active in praying and cheering me on. I'm so grateful to everyone who has been a part of Fusion's work through partnering with me in either capacity.

This September my wage is going up on three fronts - I'm increasing to 3.5 days a week, to give me more time to give to work and to help cover the costs of childcare for the girls. I've also had an increase thanks to joining the SLT and Fusion are giving all team members a 6.2% increase in line with inflation! This means I get the opportunity to once again be more proactive in inviting people to join this partner team and be a part of the Fusion story. I have been doing this anyway over the last few years whilst I've been over my 100% as I believe partnership is about much more than me having my wage - it's an opportunity to be a part of this work - and I'm excited to see who joins in the coming months. 

A popular thing in America but very much not in the UK is suggesting mission partners to friends, so if any of you fancy being a bit American and have friends who you know have a heart for students or church and would really enjoy partnering with Fusion, please do feel free to introduce us. It's been fun getting to know people through partnership as well as partnering with people I already have treasured friendship with.

Please pray as I invite new people, that I would find those who would love being on this team.

Other things for prayer

Paraklesis - for connections and thriving

I'm on the Advisory Board for Paraklesis, a new Association for Children's, Youth and Families Ministers. It's a really exciting new association which launched on 4th July. Please pray with me that it will be a fruitful support for those in these ministries and help see both practitioners and churches thrive. 

Grad Dip - for applicants

Ed is doing a fantastic job as Programme Director for the Grad Dip. Please pray that we will get at least 6 applicants for the course this year and for provision for them in finance, support in church and capacity as they prepare to start their study in September. 

Sixty One 

For powerful times of refreshment, healing and encounter with Jesus for students and young adults at Sixty One, and for more people to hear of it in these last few weeks who would otherwise miss out. That it would have a huge impact not just on the field but on campuses and in homes & workplaces in the year to come. 

Our car 

Our car broke down last week and we're unsure whether it will be fixable, or worth fixing. The garage can look at it at the end of the month but we're hoping they manage to squeeze it in earlier! We are so fortunate to have been leant two consecutive cars which will see us through the next fortnight. Please pray for a cheap, easy fix or a good new car.

Meeting up

I would love to see you in the Autumn term. 

Let me know via the button below if you could make any of these dates, this will help give me an idea of which to go for. I know that not everyone can (or wants to) be in touch regularly, and I'm grateful for a whole range of different types of partnership relationship. Whether we speak often or hardly at all, know that I am so grateful for having you on this journey with me and the churches and students of the UK. 

Tuesday 20th September. 7.30 - 8.30pm. Zoom
Thursday 22nd September. 7.30 - 8.30pm. Zoom
Saturday 8th October. 2-4pm. York
Saturday 8th October. 7.30 - 9pm. York
Saturday 22nd October. 2-4pm. London
Saturday 22nd October. 7.30 - 9pm. London
Tuesday 25th October. 7.30 - 9pm. London

I'd like to catch up...

Seems I wasn't very successful in not letting this email get too long! Looking forward to keeping you updated through the summer and into the new term and hopefully seeing you in one way or another in the Autumn. 

With much love, Pip x



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IntoUniversity Brent

IntoUniversity is an award winning educational charity which provides local learning centres where students from disadvantaged backgrounds are inspired to achieve.
What can you do? Volunteer in one of the Academic Support sessions each week to support student's learning. Secondary: Mon & Thu, 3.45pm - 5.30pm; Primary: Tue & Wed, 3.45pm - 5.00pm
To find out more, contact: Sydney Wesley-Weeks.

Scargill Movment - Phil and Di Stone

Phil and Di Stone left St Marks and moved to Scargill to form a thriving, multinational Community from many different Christian denominations offering warmth, welcome and hospitality to all. Prayer, food and laughter seem to be the main hallmarks of their life together, with Jesus at the centre. Together they run a busy programme of events including quiet retreats, exuberant family holidays, teaching from some amazing visiting speakers and our own team, musical, creative and craft-based events, walking weeks, environmental and working holidays, house parties celebrating Easter and New Year and much more besides. In between our programmed events we host many church weekends, youth events and gatherings large and small, as well as individuals who make themselves at home with us for a few days.

Read their latest newsletter and programme here :

This is their latest newsletter

Dear Friends,

We would like to begin by thanking you for your continued support and prayers. We have had a rich and enjoyable summer but it has not been without its challenges. At the beginning of July we had a Covid outbreak amongst us which put us under quite a lot of pressure, but we are all OK and we had  a wonderful Summerfest, which felt much more like a festival than the previous year.

Community is gradually growing and it has been a joy to welcome some new members over the summer. We would very much appreciate your prayers for Community and for new members to join the adventure at Scargill.

We are delighted to welcome on to Community Phil and Liz Goodacre with Miriam and Phoebe. Phil will be an additional Chaplain working with the Pastoral Team and we are still looking for a female Chaplain. We very much value your prayers in this area. You won’t be surprised that all our Chaplains are working hard on other teams at this time. We are delighted that Liz will be joining the House Team when she is not looking after the children.

For your diaries, the next online Quiet Day is Thursday 20thOctober.

Our regular Wednesday Evening Prayer services will resume on Wednesday 14th September.

Thank you to those who pray for the life of Scargill. We have published the prayer diary for September and October this year to aid your prayer.

Di and I had an enjoyable weekend at Greenbelt, it was a nurturing and enriching time catching up with old friends. Di reflects on one of our experiences there. Enjoy!

Diane writes:

It feels like a long time since my last reflection. I have missed writing them and have therefore made a pact with myself to write a reflection each month and by hook or by crook I will send it out!

Anyway, Bank Holiday weekend found Phil and I going to Greenbelt, Phil full of excitement, me hesitant - I fear I have become a ‘fair weather’ Greenbelter! Thankfully the weather was fair, very fair, in fact possibly too fair, reminding me of the ever present climate emergency which, along with migration, UK poverty and gender equality, was topping the main issues talked about this year.  In their programme the welcome to Greenbelt included a call to ‘wake-up,’ to ‘wake up to our lives, to our world, to the work there is for us to do, to the party there is waiting for us.’

Perhaps like me ’to the party there is waiting for us’ came as a bit of a surprise, although it really shouldn’t have. In revelation 21 we read, ‘I saw a new heaven and a new earth……. And I heard a voice shout from the throne: “God's home is now with his people. He will live with them, and they will be his own. Yes, God will make his home among his people.   He will wipe all tears from their eyes, and there will be no more death, suffering, crying, or pain. These things of the past are gone forever.” ‘

Here is a photo taken by my friend Tricia; Phil, Andrew and I standing under the earth! looking up to our world! and for a brief moment or two I wondered if we have already given up on saving our planet, perhaps its time has come, it can certainly feel like it. But soon that small kernel of hope reawakened and despite all not being well I felt that all could be well.

Julian of Norwich wrote ‘Sin is Behovely, but All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.’ Now, I don’t remember reading ‘Sin is Behovely’ before and had to look it up – ‘necessary, required, unable to be avoided, inevitable’ which gives the much quoted sentence more depth and great clarity, for me anyway! Darkness is all around us but even so, ‘all manner of things shall be well’. All we have to do is ‘wake up to our lives, to our world, to the work there is for us to do’.

Waking up though leads to choices being made with the endless list of do’s and don’ts we hear almost daily.  At Greenbelt I heard this question - ‘Do the dos we do, out do the dos we don’t do? Yes! Yes! Yes! I certainly hope so. Read it through a few times – it took me awhile to get my head round what it means. But I like it! I find it encouraging, encouraging us to do what we can, as much as we can, however small and seemingly trivial, to save the world, to live in hope for the Earth God created and loves, the planet he has given us the task of overseeing and looking after.

Perhaps we have forgotten and have become very poor stewards, but we can redeem ourselves if we ‘wake up to our lives, to our world, to the work there is for us to do’, if we re-evaluate and find the courage to do what we can, to save the world and to have hope of a party waiting for us.

I am sure deep inside we already know what to do and are probably well on the way, we just need that little nudge to do that little bit more, to keep going, to, like Phil, Andrew and I, begin to look at our world with renewed hope.

With love and prayers from Phil, Di and the Scargill Community

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Scargill MovementScargill House
Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 5HUUnited Kingdom

Operation Restoration - YWAM Bolivia

Dear St Marks

This letter is a little longer than usual. Please take the time to read all, if you can. It includes: The current economic challenge we face
Up to date news from Santa Cruz
Where we will be sharing about Operation Restoration in these coming weeks
THANK YOU for faithfully following the news and updates we share.

Our recent visit to Santa Cruz and the news from there since we returned at the beginning of August, shows that the ministry is thriving with more boys in El Camino than we have seen in years, girls returning to El Alfarero and new girls coming in too, and we are also looking forward to the high school graduation of two boys and one girl in December. (Read the highlights below)

However, I think we are all very aware of the exceptional challenges we are facing globally in 2022. Apart from emerging from a pandemic and the news of war, we are facing economic challenges that we have not seen for 40 years.

As Operation Restoration we have the added issue of currency exchange rates, especially between pounds (GBP) and dollars (USD), which have plunged by almost 15% so far this year, reducing our UK donations by approximately £32,500 ($37,500) in 2022.

We are very aware that many are facing economic challenges this year, but we would ask, if you are able to help us offset this challenge, please click on the button below to give today.


Give Today


The Girls - El Alfarero

You may remember that we have written about Heydi earlier this year. She finally returned to El Alfarero just two weeks before the birth of her daughter, Aislin, on Saturday 13 August.

Heydi is the youngest mother we have had in El Alfarero. Her age is uncertain as her official documents say she is 11, but she claims she is 14.

Here is the first photo of mum and baby.


 Maria Liz (aged 16), returned to El Alfarero just two weeks ago.

Maria Liz June 2019.jpg

We also received Liseya, aged 14, into the El Alfarero family at the beginning of August.

The family keeps growing!

Joel, Daniel and Sara will be graduating high school in December


The Boys - El Camino

El Camino continues to grow with the addition of 2 more boys since we last wrote, Bryan aged 14 and Daniel aged 10, bringing the total to 17 boys.

Pray with us that the new boys will settle into the family quickly and know El Camino as their home.

Where we will be sharing + other events...

If you see an event in your area please come and join us!

Sunday 4 September – 10.30am
Morning service at Capel St. Mary Methodist Church, Suffolk

Monday 5 September – 2pm
Monday Fellowship at Bethesda Baptist Church, Ipswich

Tuesday 6 September – 2pm
Network at Bramford Methodist Church, Suffolk

Sunday 11 September – 9.30am
Morning service at St. Michael’s, Horton

Sunday 11 September – 11am
Morning service at St. Andrew’s, Wraysbury

Saturday 17 September – 5pm
On-line “Connect + Pray” Operation Restoration prayer meeting

Sunday 18 September – 10am
Morning service at Minchinhampton Baptist Church, nr. Stroud

Sunday 18 September – 6.30pm
Evening service at Bearfield Church, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts (to be confirmed)

Sunday 25 September – 9.45am
Morning service at Elmsett Methodist Church, Suffolk

Sunday 2 October
Virtual London Marathon with 10 participants in Bolivia, UK and USA

Saturday 8 October – 6.30pm
Raise the Bar York at The Ark Church, York

Sunday 9 October – 11am
Morning service at The Ark Church, York

If you would like to give to this vital work, please click on the button below, 

Give Today

In the midst of all our current challenges we are even more thankful to God and you who support, pray for and give to the Lord's work in Bolivia. You are always in our prayers, too!


"We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers."
1 Thessalonians 1:2 (NIV)

Blessings in Christ,

Roger & Isha

Project Stork

St Mark's supports a local women's refuge through collecting good quality baby clothes, toys and maternity clothes at Christmas, Mother's Day and at other times in the year.

What can you do? If you would like to be part of this project please contact Caroline Winterburn

If you have any questions, please do contact us.

Schools - St Mark's is actively involved with many of our local schools but has particularly close links with Princess Frederica Church of England VA School


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