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St Mark's News - NOVEMBER

This week, I shared Holy Communion with a church-family member who has lost most of her mobility. 'How does being unable to leave the room affect your faith?', I asked. She responded straight away: 'If it's the Good Lord's will then I will get through - he gives me strength". What a testimony from this precious saint: sometimes... most times... sometimes all the time,  our calling is to "stand firm" (Eph 6.14), especially in those times which are darkest - in the wake of grief, trials, and ...

November 14, 2023

Mission Update: Scargill Aug23


August 31, 2023

Mission Update: Operation Restoration Aug23


August 31, 2023

St Mark's News - SEPTEMBER

Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted… He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them Mark 3:13,14We are drawing near to the end of our series, ‘Meeting God on the Mountain’, and we are approaching a new term.How was it for you?Was the holiday just one mad rush after another? Was it the same as usual just without the 8:50am school traffic?I hope that in the mundane and the beautiful something of God’s consuming fire, gentle whisper...

August 31, 2023

Mission Update: Fusion Aug23


August 31, 2023

St Mark's News - AUGUST

Rachel and I are so pleased to be called to this family in Kensal and Harlesden! From hellos and well-wishings, to practical help at the vicarage, we have felt the love of God through your kindness! Thank you for your prayers: keep praying for us as we settle in and learn new rhythms.On the evening when I was licensed and installed as Vicar, Bishop Lusa reminded us what our church is all about using the words "IN" and "AND". God calls us in our diversity and within our own stories, but unites us...

August 11, 2023

Annual Meeting

On Sunday 21st May (at 12pm) we'll be holding our annual meeting or APCM.  We'd love you to be involved so do come and join us.The annual meeting is where we hear updates on everything from activities to finances and it's also the place where we elect our church wardens and church council (PCC) representatives.The Annual ReportYou can view the annual report for the meeting here: Bio'sYou can read up on who's standing here:

May 21, 2023

Easter Festival


March 28, 2022

Latest update from Pippa Elmes

Here's Pippa's latest newsletter.  If you haven't met Pippa she's one of our precious Mission Partners, working with Fusion, the charity linking students and local churches. If you'd like to encourage Pippa (or even start supporting her directly) then you can reach her on . Hello! September is the start my 'new year' so I made you a little video of my first week back (after a post-Conference week off) - see it above or here. Thank you for your prayers a...

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